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Welcome to Funel. We have designed our workplace as the perfect spot to help our busy teams relax and feel good. We believe that a relaxed atmosphere is essential for energizing our workforce. It's like walking into a space filled with positivity and peace every day." We believe that a vibrant and relaxed atmosphere is crucial to boosting the spirit of our workforce. It's like stepping into a realm of peace and positivity every single day.

Key Attractions:

check Fun and Games: We don't just work at Funel; we play too! We encourage our employees to engage in different sports to stay fit and have fun.
check Our green parks are like mini-vacation spots right in our office! They're the perfect spots for our team to take a breath and relax.
check Funel is more than just a workplace. It's a space where inspiration blooms, and ideas come to life. Embark on your journey with us, and discover a new way to work!

Funel's Powerhouse: Our Production Floors

Funel’s production floors - 10000+ sqft of space that celebrates creativity, encourages innovation, and values each contribution. We're equipped with the latest technology, fast laptops, and comfortable desks and chairs to make our employees' work easier and more efficient.

Key Attractions:

check Funel’s both production floors are designed to comfortably accommodate over 100+ employees.
check We ensure continuous power supply and high-speed internet to create a seamless and efficient working environment for all our employees.
check The state-of-the-art heating and cooling systems ensure that our employees feel comfortable, regardless of the weather outside.

Funel boardroom - The brain of our office!

Welcome to our boardroom! The hub where we come up with the best ideas, make important decisions, and connect with our clients from all around the world. It's the epicenter of innovation, brainstorming, and strategic thinking. We believe in the power of teamwork and the magic that happens when great minds come together.

Key Attractions:

check Our advanced video conferencing system makes it feel like remote team members, clients, and partners are right in the room with us. Collaboration knows no boundaries in our boardroom.
check We've packed our boardroom with the latest tech to keep our meetings running smoothly. We want every voice to be heard loud and clear, whether it's coming from the other end of the table or the other end of the globe.

Creative Arena: The hub of creativity

Our office has a special place we like to call the "Creative Arena”. The room itself feels just like stepping into a daydream. The walls are adorned with inspiring artworks, the lights are soft and welcoming, and the whole place is painted in calming colors. It's a place that encourages us to think differently, to be bold and imaginative, and to come up with new ideas that help us do things better.

Key Attractions:

check -Think of the Creative Arena as a melting pot of imagination. When we're around the table, we chat, we question, we listen, and the result? Loads of interesting ideas that we might not have thought of alone.
check -The first thing you'll notice is a big round table right in the center. This isn't just any table, it's where our teams, managers and staff alike, come together for brainstorming sessions.

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